Quick Guide to Activate CGDI PROG MB (2019 Newest)

In the past, when you received CGDI MB key programmer, after downloaded software from CG Company official website and installed, you needed to send the serial number to your dealer to activate. But now, you can activate by yourself, no need to wait for engineer’s activation anymore! Just follow the instruction to operate below!



Step-by-step guide to activate CGDI Prog MB:


1.The download and installation steps are same as before.

Free download CGDI MB software 

Select the corresponding version you want to download, and then install on your laptop.


2.Activate CGDI MB:

Step 1: Open CGMB software -> Click “Online Store”



Step 2: Enter activation page

A message will prompt “Your device has not been activated. Unactivated devices cannot use services such as password calculation”.


There are two subscription service versions for you to choose.


1).Basic Edition:

The password can be calculated once per day.

Activation will receive a free subscription service for 12 months, free renewal.


2).Advanced Edition:

The password can be calculated 2 times per day.

Activation will receive a free subscription service for 6 months, renewal 50 yuan/month.



Step 3: Select one service version according to your actual need

And click “Activate”


Please kindly notice:

It cannot be changed once the version is activated, please choose it carefully!





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