How to Use AT200 to Read & Write ISN for BMW B38 ECU

In this instruction i will show you guide on how to use AT200 programmer to read,write and clone ECU for BMW B38.


What You Need?

AT200 ECU Programmer



Select “BMW”–>”1 Series(F20)”–>”BOSCH MEVD17.2K TC1793″–>”116i B38B15A 170″

Then click “BENCH”–>”Wiring diagram”


Then follow the diagram to connect AT200 ECU programmer to BMW B38 engine module


After the click “Identification”,then it will show you the chip information

Click “Read ISN”,after finishing it will show you ISN

Click “Write ISN”,then it prompt you to save DFlash file

And now input new ISN here to change ISN,click “OK”

Write ISN Successfully.

Now you are available to read ISN again to check new ISN

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