CGDI Prog MB Change Frequency for CGDI MB BE Key

CGDI MB BE Key supports all Mercedes Benz till FBS3. It’s easy to change frequency between 315Mhz and 433 Mhz. Check the guide to switch the frequency using CGDI Prog MB.

1.Connect CGDI MB key programmer with the computer via the USB cable and supply power

2.Plug CGDI MB BE key into the CGDI MB coil

cgdi mb switch frequency cgdi mb be key 1

3.Run CGMB software

Select “Read/Write Key”-> “IR” mode-> “Read key/Chip” firstly

4.In “Switch frequency” function

Select “433Mhz” or “315 Mhz”

Click “Switch key frequency”

cgdi mb switch frequency cgdi mb be key 2

Switch the frequency successfully

cgdi mb switch frequency cgdi mb be key 3

cgdi mb switch frequency cgdi mb be key 4

This guide applies to the following Mercedes-Benz models:

Mercedes-Benz S series / E series / C series / B Series/ A Series / GLK Series/ GL Series / ML Series / R Series / SLK series / V series / G series / Fujian Mercedes-Benz Thunder
W221 / W211/ W210 / W203 / W208 / W209 / W212 / W207 / W204/ W164 / W251 / W166 / W246 / W639 / W906 / W169 / W218 / W197/ W172 / W463 / W215 /W220 / W230.

Good to know:

This CGDI MB Be Key adds remote control lifting, window function and IR remote control.

When you use CGDI MB to program this CGDI MB BE Key, you can get 200 bonus points.

Note: 200 points= 1 token for CGDI MB (token valued $4 when you buy it alone).

For the points, if you don’t need to change for token, you can also exchange for other device on CGDI online store later.

CGDI Prog MB BE Key at comes with BE Key, 3 Buttons Smart Key Shell for Mercedes with Logos. Keys are well assembled ready to use.

If you’re interested in this Original CGDI MB Be Key. Don’t hesitate to purchase!

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