CGDI MB & CG PRO 9S12 Program New Key Without Points

Since CGDI MB Full has run of the password calculation times, it’s no possible to calculate the key password. How to program new key without buying more points? Here is the relevant guide for reference.


Purpose: Disassemble Ben EIS to read data by CG PRO 9S12 for programming new keys


Tools need:

Car model: Mercedes-Benz SLK200-171 roadster

Year: 2009

Module: EIS

Serial number: A2115452308

Chip: 9S12DG128-1L59W

Device: CGDI prog MB+CG PRO 9S12 programmer




Guides and Tips to program new key:


1.Read out original EIS data by CG PRO 9S12

Step 1: Read Benz EIS info by CGDI MB key programmer firstly

Key 1 and key 2 has been used, so match key 3 in order

cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-2 cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-3

Step 2: Turn off the ignition switch

Take out the EIS module to check type, SN and chip

cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-4 cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-5 cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-6 cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-7 cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-8 cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-9

Step 3: Open CG PRO software

Select function, Car make and model

Follow the wiring diagram in the software to connect EIS and CG PRO 9S12 device via DB25 adapter

cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-10 cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-11 cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-12 cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-13

Step 4: Click “Read” to read out the original EIS data and save

cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-14 cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-15 cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-16


2.Program new key via CGDI MB key programmer

Step 5: Connect CGDI MB device to Benz EIS



Step 6: Enter EIS interface

Click “Load EIS data”to load the data read out by CG PRO 9S12

cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-18 cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-19

The key password paste automatically


Then save EIS data



Step 7: Go to Generate key file page

Click “Load EIS file” to open the data saved just now

cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-22 cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-23

Confirm SSID and key password


Save the default file name


Generate key file success!



Step 8: Enter Read/Write key interface

Plug the new key into CGDI MB device


Select “Read key/chip”

It shows key 3 is unused



Reset the key success


Select 51 format to write data

Write key 3 data success

cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-30 cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-31 cgdi-mb-program-new-key-without-points-32


Step 9: Install the Benz EIS back to the car, works perfectly!



CGDI MB with Full Adapters:

CG Pro 9S12 Programmer Full Version:

DB25 Adapter for CG PRO 9S12 Programmer:

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